Martin's microblog

Nice: I connected my with Instagram. Now I have a blog (for text or longer text), Instagram for photos (nice photos) and my for short text and snapshots and the timeline.

The whole blog text from my related blog appears here, if the text is short enough, I guess.

The translations are incredibly good. I wish I could link to the translation from my german posts.

Hm …

This train is a time machine.

Driving home from Christmas.

@manton That would be nice: switch where to post after writing in the native app.

I love this fudge

Nice, everything works now.

Nachdem ich einigermaßen verstanden habe, wie Microblog und Microblog bei zusammen hängen, finde ich die Idee und die Umsetzung ziemlich gelungen. Es hat tatsächlich mehr vom üblichen Bloggen.

Mit einem externen Blog könnte man die Zeichenbegrenzung umgehen.

I fall in love with e-guitars like a seventeen years old.

Listened to the sound of an electric guitar in a youtube video. My acoustic one is perfect. It sounds much nicer when you play alone.

How about headlines?

I have been at a birthday party and I think I will buy an electric guitar again someday.

Weihnachtsbaum mit Diskokugel.

Ah, there are my posts …

Where are my posts?

Hello, testing testing one two.