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I enjoyed the DisneyPixar production Coco very much.

Stapelchips sind ideal für‘s Kino. Keine Tüte, die knistert, man kann 3 gleichzeitig in den Mund schieben und mit geschlossenem Mund verhältnismäßig geräuscharm zerkauen.

One. (dailybloggerpin)

I like It‘s a nice way to collect things, ideas, images, notes.

Holy … This is us. No, you are crying.

I get 503

Oh, a style.txt works too.

Karaoke Aikea Guinea

Testing the Feed importer for > Wordpress

I shoot with 10 years old digital gear is the new I shoot film.

iA Writer for Windows!…

Spaceships doing a full stop like in The last Jedi? No.

Microblogging with Micron.

First day at work.

Sick at home.